Sprinkler Installation in Kent

Maintaining a vibrant and healthy lawn is an uphill battle—why not lighten your load with a yard sprinkler system from Spring Landscape. We are experts at installing high-quality sprinklers that will let you forget about watering your landscape so that you can spend more time enjoying it. Our irrigation installation process is quicker and more affordable than you might expect, and we invite you to get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do for your property.

Sprinkler Installation Assessments

One of the reasons we have maintained a consistent history of success as a lawn irrigation company is our in-depth planning process. Rather than rushing into your work, our technicians will take the time to survey your property and determine the best product for your needs. Once we have given our recommendations and you have approved the work we suggest, our contractors will get to work installing a sprinkler system that is tailored to your landscape.

Find the Perfect Irrigation System for Your Needs

No two landscapes are exactly the same, and therefore do not all require the same attention when it comes to irrigation. Fortunately, Spring Landscape carries a wide variety of sprinklers, so we are sure to have a model that works for you. 

There are a number of different automatic sprinkler systems that all have their unique properties. Some of the units that we have available include:

  • Rotary sprinklers
  • Fixed spray 
  • Oscillating 
  • Misting sprinklers 
  • Pop-up sprinklers

If you would like to learn more about the differences between these systems and find out which one would suit your watering needs, reach out to one of our landscaping specialists today. 

Streamlined Sprinkler System Installation

Although automatic sprinklers are an investment upfront, the time and effort you save from watering your landscape will quickly pay for itself. Not only that but since we provide our installations with the utmost efficiency, you don’t have to worry about us creating a lengthy interruption on your property.

Our straightforward process makes us an easy choice when you are searching for a sprinkler installation company. When we arrive at your location, you can expect us to perform the following:

  • Check your water pressure
  • Dig trenches and run pipes through them
  • Install sprinkler heads at strategic locations
  • Fill in your landscape and test the water flow

Our Irrigation Installations Make Yard Work Easy 

Here at Spring Landscape, our goal is to make your landscape irrigation a hands-off process. With one of our automated sprinkler systems, you will be able to set how often you want your vegetation to be watered and then focus on more important things. Gone are the days of continually watering your lawn to ensure proper growth, so give us a call today to give your landscape the care it deserves. 

Reach Us for a Quote on Sprinkler Installation

Make sure your property always has sufficient water with a professionally installed sprinkler system from Spring Landscape. We are Kent’s foremost irrigation experts, and we hope to help make your landscape maintenance a breeze. Phone (206) 484-9879 for more info.