Setting ourselves apart is our specialty!

Being "ever" green is not a problem for our state, that's for sure. With our annual rainfall, moisture for our lawns and soil is never really an issue – we don't really even understand the word drought.

Here at Spring Landscape, we don't just do the typical lawn care and maintenance. You know, the humdrum run of the mill, in and out in five minutes kind. We are different. We specialize in lawn rejuvenation. We base our evaluations on a careful science of what will suit YOUR lawn the best.

Is my yard going to the spa with a "lawn rejuvenation?"

Your landscape deserves to be pampered, have its pores opened and cleaned, and a great refresh to allow it to live its best life. Our processes include:

  • - Identifying through soil test and core samples what type of soil you have – and what vital nutrients it needs.
  • - Picking out the perfect grass that works with your soil. We'll dethatch what you have to get rid of the dead, gross stuff that's suffocating your lawn.
  • - Then, we take our time to do extensive soil treatments, including core aeration and just the right fertilizers to feed your hungry lawn ideally.

Complex much? Our experts have refined our rejuvenation process to an art.

Define "take our time."

We mean simply that your project isn't going to take a day or two to do – taking our time is doing it right. We start off getting a good soil sample to fully evaluate the good, bad, and ugly things about your lawn. Our next step is a cyclic mow/dethatch cycle.

What is a "mow/dethatch cycle"?

How low can you go? Our unique cyclic process begins with the lowest mow, getting to the root of the matter. We then dethatch and rid the lawn of all the dead grasses that could be damaging your yard. We mow again, then dethatch. Can you guess the next step? Yep! We mow one more time before poking a bunch of holes in your landscape!

Wait, you're going to poke holes in the ground?

Aerating is a prettier name for poking holes in the soil. The purpose of this is to allow the best nutrients, water, and sunlight to the roots of your grass. Then the overseeding takes place. Aeration sets the stage beforehand for the grass to grow stronger, lusher, greener, and thicker – in other words, all the things you dream your lawn to be.

This sounds like a very intricate process – is there more?

We aren't done quite yet! Depending on your lawn conditions, we may add a layer of soil top dress. If this is the case, we evenly spread this on the existing turf and carefully ensure the topsoil is good to go, using various processes depending on the condition after all these treatments. Your lawn gets fed new seed and some fantastic general fertilizer, just like getting a great facial. The rule around your house will then be to keep off the lawn for a bit while it heals, strengthens, and grows. After your soil sample results come back, we can create a more specific fertilizer blend based on your lawn's nutrient needs.

The good news is this isn't a process that needs to occur every year – in fact, this process doesn't need to be done any more than every two years. Your lawn facials that include aeration, overseeding, and fertilizing will be yearly – but these are a bit less time-consuming.

Our licensed and insured pros don't believe in mediocre maintenance but instead, next-level, full-service lawn rejuvenation. When your lawn is ready for a spa vacation, Spring Landscape is the place to call!

We pride ourselves on our expert solutions to lawn care. Our outstanding customer service and performance have made us a name you can trust in our community. When you want premium quality, professional results, you have to go with the Spring Landscape team!